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GoalStriker is the world's first fully developed interactive penalty shoot-out experience.

State-of-the-art laser technology records the velocity of the ball and the exact position at which it crosses the goal line.

GoalStriker is for everyone. There are no height, age or sex restrictions and because the emphasis is on accuracy as well as speed you don't have to be a professional or experienced - if you can kick a ball, you can play GoalStriker. Each player has three penalty attempts. Lighting and crowd noise are incorporated to add pressure and create a real shoot-out experience – so you might find yourself attracting spectators. Like any sport GoalStriker brings out the competitive nature in players so you will probably want to try it again and again.

Each shot is electronically analysed and points awarded. The results immediately appear on the projected backdrop informing the player and the audience how fast and how accurate the shot was. But watch out for the projected goalkeeper who dives randomly and has the ability to save shots.

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