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Christian Moullec - Flying with Geese

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  • Christian Moullec - Flying with Geese

Spectacular flying with geese display

A Frenchman has successfully trained protected geese to adopt migration routes away from the guns, by flying with them.

Christian Moullec has devised an extraordinary means of guiding a threatened goose species away from the guns of indiscriminate shooters.  He has successfully persuaded geese to accept his mirolight as a parent bird and to fly with him in formation along a migratory route to safe wintering grounds.

Aware that Canada geese, barnacles and cranes had learned to form up beside microlights, Christian conceived his own bold intervention on behalf of the lesser white-fronts.  Christian learned to fly a microlight, the barnacles came to accept him as their parent and in due course were coaxed into following the microlight into the air.

Now president of the tiny organisation V "Fly with Birds" (the V stands for the formation in which migrating birds fly) Christian has demonstrated his aerial affinity with geese at UK air and country shows and would be happy to attend your event soon, bringing the spectacle of "Flying with Geese" to a wider audience.

£6,800 + Expenses for 2 x 20 min displays





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