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Terry Grant Stunt Car Show

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Fantastic car stunt show!

With eleven World Records and numerous TV appearances under his belt stunt driver Terry Grant is as familiar to show goers as he is to telly addicts.

His amazing ARENA SHOW introduces you to a full sized remote control car, or is it? A mad professor drives this car with no one at the wheel, using a remote control, putting the car through its paces and challenging manoeuvers.

A member of the audience is invited to have a go, however, the car suddenly gets a mind of its own and chaos reigns.

Who is actually in control of the car?

Terry also has a spectacular TARMAC SHOW, driving his Legend Car and TVR. Terry has performed this show for many years all around the world. Terry pushes boundaries, climaxing with him standing on the roof whilst the car spins in a frenzy of donuts.

This show can be presented indoors or out of doors.

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