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Wildlife Displays

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Educational - Interactive - Hands-on - Lots of Fun Wildlife Displays was formed in 1978 offering natural history lectures to schools and other interested groups. During recent years demonstrations of exotic and domestic animals have been given at small family events. Now they have a fully mobile team offering interactive educational displays presenting short talks throughout the day on a variety of animals and giving the opportunity of a hands-on experience to show visitors. Their animals are all domestically bred and completely at ease in a show environment. Their animals vary at shows, but normally consist of snakes, spiders, lizards, scorpions, hissing cockroaches and giant snails, rabbits, guinea pigs, meerkats, ducks and chickens all displayed in their own attractive display areas.

Option 1: Mini Zoo - Fees from £470.

Area required for 2 x 10ft x 10ft marquees. Displaying a variety of animals.

Option 2: Mini Zoo and Birds of Prey - Fees from £820.

Area required for 3 x 10ft x 10ft marquees. As Option 1 and including Birds of Prey and allowing for several short hands-on displays adjacent to the static display.

Option 3: Mini Zoo and Birds of Prey - Fees from £1,115.

Area required for 3 x 10ft x 10ft marquees.

All of the above, plus Birds of Prey static display incorporated into the display area, with 2 x 30 min. flying displays presented in an arena designated by yourselves with a full commentary. The display will include audience participation with the opportunity for several show visitors to have a Hawk or Owl fly to their gloved fist. 

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