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Fantastiko's Fantastic Electric Entertainment

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Fantastiko's Unique Electric Entertainment


Wondrous wheeled acts are a speciality at Fantastiko and add a new twist on walkabout. Gliding around with characterful costumed riders and with built in sound systems they entertain and mingle both inside and out. There’s lots of different acts and they are brilliant for covering areas large or small.

1. The Ship – sails above and around the crowd. This 13ft electric galleon sails with 2 crew members; pirates, sailors, explorers and more. Different show options are available and include parades, roaming and performances.


2. The Animals – Horses, Sea horses, Reindeers, Woodland Deers. Our fantastical creatures ride around with a range of wonderful interactive characters including; knights in full armour, mermaids, elves, jockeys and even Santa.

£390+VAT or 2 at £740+VAT

3. The Rockets – time to take off with something amazing. Two space age rockets with a hint of retro. Lights, sound and action.

£390+VAT or 2 at £740+VAT

4. The Changeable Chairs – “The Rolling Crones” are two aged armchair roamers and “The Whizzy Rascals” are two cheeky elves on an errand from Lapland.

£390+VAT or 2 at £740+VAT

5. Stunning Stilts – Bespoke handmade costumes. Best of British, At The Races, Medieval, Romantic, Christmas.

£310+VAT or 2 at £600+VAT

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