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Peter Johnson Entertainments
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Rodeo Penguin

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Rodeo Bull/Sheep/Camel/Reindeer/Rugby Ball/Penguin/Broomstick/Banana. Never has there been such a selection of ride-on experiences all operational from one base. Take your pick from the traditional Rodeo Bull, Woolly Sheep, Camel, Rugby Ball, Penguin, Broomstick, Banana or get in the Christmas Spirit on a Reindeer. Spin, turn and buck at a controlled speed, enabling everyone from a child to a rodeo expert to experience the thrill of the rodeo. Someone is at the controls and ensures a safe ride for everyone. The whole area around the ride is surrounded by an 18ft x 18ft inflatable mattress to provide a comfortable landing. All that is required is a 13amp electrical supply and the ride will entertain your crowd all afternoon. £375+VAT (extra body £75+VAT)

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