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Character Cars

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  • Character Cars

Original cars from the most popular films and TV series

All the vehicles are unique in their own way, having made their mark in history and in the Film and TV world.

Vehicles available are the Batbike, Batmobile, Del boy's Van, Flintstone's car, James Bond's car, Judge Dredd's car, Mr Bean's car, Toyland car, the Starsky and Hutch car and an Amphicar.

The vehicles are fully operational and are ideal for parades, fetes and various functions, such as carrying Santa at Christmas time, always a good eyecatcher. They have been well received all around the world and have been presented at not only weddings and birthday parties, but also appeared on screen in many big movies.

For optimum impact some of the cars can be driven with the characters associated with the vehicle. The cars will not only surprise, but will bring a smile to everyone's face.

Costs include transportation and a representative from the company staying with the vehicle to assist in any manner.

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