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Chuckle Buggies

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  • Chuckle Buggies

Chuckle Buggies will give you a unique and extraordinary driving experience for corporate and team building events

These bizarre 6 wheel drive machines are tremendous fun to drive and are controlled with just two levers. Push them forward and off you go. Pull them back and stop and pull one forward one back to turn on the spot!

Not only do you hav to control the buggy, but you must negotiate a slalom course without demolishing the markers on the way. With them being very responsive the controls they can catch you out when you least expect it!  This can make for hiliarous fun when you end up steering in the wrong direction or turning at the worng time.  Everyone drivers and spectators will be chuckling at your driving antics - thats why they are called chuckle buggies!

Minimum space required for 2 tracks - 24m x 35m

2 x Chuckle Buggies on 2 tracks with operators = £695 +VAT 

Prices for up to a hour hour period. Minimum age 16. All health and safety requirements and Public Liability Insurance in place.

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