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High Falutin's Festivities - Coal or Coin

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High Falutin’s Festivities 


Coal or Coin Lady Befuggered-Lighfoot and Flossy celebrate the restoration of Christmas! Her Ladyship’s bountifulness knows no bounds as she bestows one piece of coal per household to burn in their hearths on Christmas day. But big-hearted Flossy has other plans and has rummaged through her Lady’s trinkets and pilfered her gold coins…which she hands out to the delighted children instead! Comic walkabout with beautiful red and green themed Georgian costumes – great for Christmas events for all ages.

1 stilt character and 1 floor character – performs 3 x 30 mins or 2 x 45 mins.

(All gold coins are chocolate with clementines on board for those with milk allergies)

Fee £585 for 2 performers

       £820 for 3 performers

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