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Human Body Parts

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  • Human Body Parts

A great new competition game, set against the clock, that will be a real test of your surgical speed and skill.

A completely self-contained unit of a life-like fibreglass patient with a built-in competition timer.

Listen out for the humorous sound effects and voices that speak to you if you make a mistake.

Your patient has 10 cavities positioned all over his body, each one containing a body part, for example his "Adams Apple" and "Tennis Elbow".

You need to remove each part without touching the patient.

There is added pressure on the surgeon as the heart beat monitor beats during the 60 seconds you have to complete the surgery.

You have 3 lives to perform all the delicate surgery, but when your lives are gone you hear the wail of ambulance sirens.

Can you complete the surgery within the 60 seconds and save your patient? £350+VAT

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