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Martin Orbidans - The Queen's Pianist

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Martin was resident pianist in the Royal Yacht Britannia for 5 years, including the time when the yacht was used for the honeymoon of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. He achieved this prestigious role because he was a renowned member of the Band of the Royal Marines. During the Royal honeymoon he became very friendly with Diana. He remembers fondly playing duets with her in the exquisite lounge of the Britannia and has many wonderful tales to tell of those magical years on the Royal Yacht. He has also played the piano for many heads of state including Margaret Thatcher, Indira Ghandi, Anwar Sadat, Pierre Trudeau as well as all the other commonwealth heads of state. He has performed all over the world and in every state capital in the USA. For a time he was in great demand by Royalty as well as senior Naval officers in London, in particular by the 1st Sea Lord at his private flat in Admiralty Arch. Martin’s repertoire is extensive. He holds his audience spellbound with his music and captivating anecdotes from his extraordinary life. From Cole Porter to Gershwin, from Scott Joplin to John Philip Sousa, Martin will take you down memory lane as you tap your feet and sing along with him. His musical knowledge is vast and his quiz is legend as he plays songs and has you guessing the titles that you remember but can’t quite name!


Martin will perform up to 4 sets of 45 minutes daily. He is also happy to play in the evening in the bar tent and will lead singalong sets or fill in between bands. He sings and plays piano, organ, trumpet and keyboards. He will take you on a magical nostalgic journey with songs, marches and singalongs from the greatest periods of the British Empire. He will present his one-man version of a Royal Marines Band beating retreat. At the end of the show he will play the Evening Hymn, Sunset, Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory followed by the God Save the Queen as his union jack is ceremoniously lowered

£265 One day

£460 Two days

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