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Baron Von Grindle

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Hanging off a portable trapeze perch the Baron lies in wait. Inverted, upside-down .

When a mortal comes within striking distance the vampire strikes. Unsuspectingly lunging up and out startling the prey before him. The unsuspecting guest once spooked usual turns to make a hastily exit from our now visceral hissing creature.

In the blink of an eye he moves from being upside down to being stood on top of the perch, viewing the room of innocents.

Through body language and eye contact he separates out a victim. Coming down off the frame he stalks them around the room to the amusement of the on looking 'safe' people who he teases and scares as he makes his way around. Back to the frame to lie in wait and hang around again. Sleeping he is at his deadliest.

Amidst the tables he wanders, mingling, getting to know the suckers around him providing his own brand of humour and killer jokes.
If head height allows he may be seen flapping around at 12 foot, clinging to walls and flying off again (Only aided by a 9 foot mono cycle).

Be brave, be very brave - book the Baron Von Grindle.

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