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Bob & Bob Jobbins

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DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                 The Lighthouse is a tiny, fully furnished, Lighthouse Keeper’s cottage and striped red and white tower.  The Lighthouse Keeper – a retired seadog who rambles through a vast arsenal of comic stories and anecdotes about kippers, guillemots, oyster smacks and the never ending menace of bird’s mess!   ‘Lighthouse Willie’ invites you and your children to step into his cosy cabin and enjoy its comfy ambience, and watch our animated films about ‘Lighthouse Willie’s Adventures’.   In between shows, audience members can peer through the cabin’s portholes and watch more stop motion animation whilst listening to the dialogue on headphones.   This comic show/installation combines the elements of bold, comic street theatre, amazing props and construction and is perfect for maritime outside.  The Lighthouse Show can be booked as a stand-alone theatre performance/installation.    It can also be booked with an additional day/s animated film making workshop.

(Children’s films can then be shown in the Lighthouse), or a Lighthouse/Maritime Model Making Workshop.

Times:  3 x 40 minutes per day or 4 x 30 minutes subject to fee and client’s requirements.   The Lighthouse is onsite for up to 6 hours per day;  with animated films playing throughout that time.

Get In:  1.5 hours   Get Out: 1 hour

Fee:  £585 per day.   For smaller organisations with restricted budgets we are negotiable.


DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                    A creative workshop for children aged 5-12 years of age – where children can make SPOOKY HOUSES, BATS, WITCHES, PUMPKINS, VAMPIRES using pre-cut templates that children can decorate with chalk pens, sticky back plastic, pipe cleaners, feathers and then take their creations home with them.

OPERATION OF WORKSHOP                                                                                                           The workshop is run by 2 artists with up to date CRBs (DBS), public liability insurance and risk assessment documentation.   We provide making tables, all materials, signage and if required a gazebo.  

Times:  Up to 6 hours per day

Fee:    £530 per day.   For smaller organisations with restricted budgets we are negotiable 

We also offer aa huge variety of WORKSHOPS!   Themes:  Christmas, Easter, maritime, fairy tales, environmental.   We can devise a workshop from scratch for clients requiring a bespoke workshop.   We also offer workshops in the following:  ANIMATION, LARGE SCALE SCULPTURES, MURALS.                                        


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