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Brett Sirrell - Juggler, Magician, Entertainer

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Brett is a contemporary magician performing astonishing magic.   A professional performer with the highest quality performance to amazing people with a combination of magic, mentalism, hypnosis, suggestion and showmanship to create altered realities and unforgettable experiences for every audience.

Brett has been a professional magician, hypnotist and entertainer for over 15 years, performing over 2000 events for corporate events and parties, with entertainment to help guests relax, smile and laugh, creating truly magical experiences.   His reputation as a professional entertainer is built upon a spectacular repertoire of magic tricks performed in a fun and friendly and entertaining style.

You won't get spongy balls or disappearing hankies.   You will see modern magic with new ideas, always one step ahead of the expected.

Fee:  £440

David and Gareth - Office lookalikes

‚ÄčWe are The comedy lookalike double act of the modern era, we like to consider ourselves as 'The Modern Day Laurel and Hardy'.   We are David Brent and Gareth Keenan (look-a-likes) from the BBC documentary 'The Office'.

You can  ask us to meet and greet, or just mingle.   If you want more, we can give you a 30 minute show. Our comedy is impromptu, quick witted and taken straight from the most successful comedy television series of the new millennium. 

As we mingle, our likeness to our doubles is uncanny and will cause a real celebrity are then exposed to David and Gareth's office charms, advice and wit.   On top of that you get 'office' magic tricks plus that dance!

To top that, we can then give you a 30 minute show.   arriving to the sound of 'MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This', David will introduce us to the stage with his famous 'SIMPLY THE BEST' spoof Motivational Speech.

Gareth, the health and safety officer, will run through the obvious dangers within the modern workplace.   This will, of course, include several working examples of possible and very dangerous situations that one might be faced with in both the office environment and in a combat situation.

After all this the fun continues with the Brent Meisters unique brand of comedic entertainment and the laughs flow on as you experience the famous 'Flash Dance Fused with MC Hammer S**t Dance'.

All material can be personalised to your company and training given to your staff, either on health and safety matters, or to dance like David Brent.

Fee:  from £820

Tim Oliver has been the number one David Brent (Ricky Gervais) lookalike in the UK for over 7 years and is consistently the one of the most booked lookalikes in the industry.   Tim is a trained actor and stand-up comedian and will always come back with some 'brilliant' one liners that will have your guests cracking up for a long time after.   'Just have a look at the Testimonials - yes, I did say Testimonials!'

Brett Sirrell is the only Gareth Keenan (Mackenzie Crook) lookalike in the UK.   Brett has been a professional Magician and entertainer for over 15 years, performing for countless corporate clients and events across the world.   Fast thinking, quick witted and with a natural sense for great comedy that just cannot be taught - also TA trained to kill (only at weekends).


'Funny....very funny!....and clever!'

Brett can juggle 5 balls, clubs, fire torches, in fact just about anything you give him - even juggling while balancing things on his head, or blindfolded!

Meet and Greet:   welcoming guests with a smile, a joke and a quick trick'

Mingling;  with short mini shows, Brett uses his highly toned juggling skills to perform impromptu and spontaneous tricks.

Table Hopping:  juggling Glo clubs and balls mixed together with other skills and Brett's humour to create a wild and fun atmosphere!

Red and Yellow Juggling Shows;  lasting from 15 to 30 mins.   With a chance to throw 3 juggling clubs at his head while on a unicycle - he will throw them back tho'.   Grab the opportunity and 'you' may become the star of the show!

Fee:  From £410


True Medieval Mayhem!

Hold on to your chicken drumsticks when Red the Jester is let loose!   Foolery with jokes, magic, juggling of lots of very silly business!   There is never a dull moment as Red keeps the party going with his crazy antics.   This is as silly and as fun as it gets!   Genuine Jester Foolery!

Brett has been known to perform alongside The Medieval Music of Sloe Gin, creating a truly memorable medieval experience.

Fee:  £410

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