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The Lamb National

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The Lamb National Sheep Race

Since the first introduction to the public in 2012, The Lamb National has become one of the most sought after arena acts...


The BBC Countryfile programme also featured this great entertainment spectacle to the amusement of the presenters as they were allocated their own runners and riders. Bob uses the natural hardiness, agility and intelligence of the Herdwick sheep to negotiate the obstacles using one of his sheepdogs to herd them around the course.

After being paraded in their own colours, they are introduced to the audience and then the fun starts.

An amusing commentary accompanies the race and the display provides an exciting and comical addition to add to any show.

 2 x Lamb National Races £1850

Can be combined with Bob Hoggs Sheepdog Show the the Sheepdog Show at £550


The positive feedback goes on and on...

'Funniest thing I have ever seen'

'Haven't seen anything this good in years!'

'Very professional display'

'Loved it - we want you back next year'

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