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The Grinnigogs

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  • The Grinnigogs

The Grinnigogs specialise in the performance of Medieval, Tudor and Victorian music.

Established in 1987 the Grinnigogs have surprised, delighted and entertained audiences all over the world. Playing exciting, uplifting and sensual music on a diverse range of instruments, using a variety of medieval instruments like Hammer Dulcimer, Hurdy-Gurdy, Bagpipes, Shawms, Percussion, Violin and Cittern - they can perform as soloists, as a duo or as a band with up to seven virtuoso musicians.

The Grinnigogs work from a fixed spot or as strolling players and can perform acoustically or with amplification. They can play for a quiet listening audience, background music or for dancing.

From £295 per musician (Soloists - 7 piece band)

The Tarot Man and Friends reveal your future.... 

Organising a fortune teller for your event is very straight forward, as it can be done from a special tent, a table or as a walkabout performance at banquets and themed events.  Theatrical, credible and surprisingly accurate, let the Tarot Man and Friends reveal your future!  Remember fortune telling is fun and theatrical and should be taken lightly.

£470 (includes 3m x 3m tent if required)

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